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MDCodeWizard is a web-based medical code scrubbing tool for your CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9, and ICD-10 codes which validates your healthcare claims and sends you back a list of errors and instructions how to fix the problems. Along with the standard code scrubbing functions MDCodeWizard provides additional features like Medical Necessity and RVU information for your medical codes. MDCodeWizard can not work standalone but it rather provides services for third-party medical coding and billing software. Our software is very universal and versatile, it is open to any oprating system and environment which has access to the Internet. It is also extremely fast and reliable.

Using your medical coding or billing software with MDCodeWizard
MDCodeWizard claim scrubber can integrate with any Medical Coding or Billing software and return a list of Error messages, Instructions and Automatic Crosswalk matching your procedures and diagnoses

In a typical scenario the medical coding professional uses coding/billing software which is integrated with MDCodeWizard. As soon as the claim(s) are ready and they need to be verified then the billing software sends a request to over the Internet. MDCodeWizard runs all the edits and immediately sends back the result – a list of errors and instructions how to fix them. It also performs a crosswalk and automatically matches your diagnosis to your procedure codes. The medical coder takes the final decision about the corrections and changes the codes according to the instructions received.

The same encounters could be run against MDCodeWizardas as many times as you want until you are satisfied and sure your claims are correct and compliant.

Because our software uses a centralized database system there is no need to update each client's environment. You are always current and compliant up to the latest changes from CMS and AMA.

Talk to your medical software provider to integrate MDCodeWizard with the software package you are using.

See a list of features and updates included with MDCodeWizard API
Integrate MDCodeWizard with your software package
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Importance of Compliant and Correct Medical Coding

MDCodeWizard applies the latest changes from CMS and AMA

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