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MDCodeWizard claim scrubber

How MDCodeWizard claim scrubber works

Become a Software Vendor

Integrate MDCodeWizard claim scrubber with your coding or billing application and increase the value of your solutions. Make your software more competitive and save time and money for you and your clients. Give your customers more features with minimum effort.

Integrating medical coding/billing applications with MDCodeWizard claim scurbber
Picture 1. MDCodeWizard claim scrubber Workflow

Built for ease of use
Our dedication to creating a simple but powerful interface means your team can get started using MDCodeWizard in minutes. All you need to do is add one file to your software package and write a few lines of code in your application and you are ready. We will take care of the rest.

Business Model for Software Vendors
Integration with MDCodeWizard is based on a monthly subscription per user. The more users you enroll the more you save. Please fill-out the form below and hit submit to get started.

Modules included with API
• Medical claim-scrubber for professional (CMS-1500) claims
• Medical claim-scrubber for institutional (UB-04) claims
• Evaluation and Management (E&M) Code Wizard
• Medical Necessity Verification
• Medicare Fee Schedule and RVU Calculation
• Forward and Backward ICD-10 Crosswalk
• Search Medical Codes by abbreviation or keyword
• Medical Code Reference

Here are a few top reasons why you need to integrate with your software:
1. Web-based
2. Reliable, fast and scalable platform
3. Uses standard methods for communication
4. Receive real time results
5. End users see messages within your application the way you want it, whenever you want it
6. Simple, easy and fast integration with provided samples and documentation
7. No need to worry anymore about frequent updates from CMS and AMA
8. Attractive price. Please contact us and we will send you an offer which is hard to pass.
9. No additional knowledge and training for the medical coders required
10. Accessable 24/7. 365 days a year

Integration with MDCodeWizard VS. in-house development
The current version of MDCodeWizard code scrubber is a result of years of experience of our development and our coding compliance teams. The goal was to offer our software vendors the piece that is usually the most difficult to develop and requires a lot of maintenance on day-to-day basis afterwards. It was essential for the new product to be accessible from a wide variety of different operating systems and platforms and at the same time to be easy to integrate with third party software packages.

The result is an excellent product with very good performance which can be embedded easily and allows the integrators to have 100% control over it.

The challenge for our Coding and Compliance team was to create consistent workflows, business rules enforcement & automation for regulatory compliance. We were also able to create automated processes for frequent data updates which come from the government agencies.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please provide the following information.

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Download Free CMS claim form template 1500 (08/05) NPI
Articles launches a medical claim-scrubber API

Importance of Compliant and Correct Medical Coding

MDCodeWizard applies the latest changes from CMS and AMA

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